Paper Honeycomb Core Machine




Paper Honeycomb Core Machine

This honeycomb making machine is for honeycomb paper core production. And this honeycomb making machine is automatic from raw material roll to the honeycomb paper core. 8 paper rolls can work simultaneously.

Product Details





Continuous type

Length of the total line


Power supply


Cutting speed


Paper rolls quantity

8 rolls

Production output

About 900kg/hour (for 30mm thickness and   140gsm paper)

Max. Width of paper roll


Max. diameter of paper roll


Applicable core diameter


Applicable paper


Heating type

steam heating, hot air circulation, the   temperature of steam needs 160℃.


Honeycomb core is a type of material that is widely used in various industries due to its unique properties. It is made by bonding together numerous layers of paper or other materials, forming a hexagonal pattern. Here are some common applications of honeycomb core:

1. Transportation: In the automotive and aerospace industries, honeycomb cores are used in the manufacturing of lightweight and strong panels for parts such as doors, floors, and roofs. These panels help to reduce fuel consumption and improve overall performance.

2. Packaging: Honeycomb core is widely used in the packaging industry as a cushioning material. It provides excellent protection to fragile goods by absorbing shock and preventing damage during transportation.

3. Furniture: Honeycomb core is also used in the production of furniture such as tables, doors, and bookshelves. It offers a lightweight and durable solution that is easy to assemble.

4. Construction: Honeycomb core is used in the construction industry for insulation and as a structural element. It is used in wall panels, floors, and roofs to improve thermal resistance, strength, and reduce weight.

5. Signage: Honeycomb core is used in the advertising industry to create large signs and billboards. It is lightweight and easy to install, making it an ideal material for outdoor advertising.

Overall, honeycomb core is a versatile and durable material that offers numerous applications in various industries. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that provides exceptional strength and efficiency.


1.8 paper rolls can work simultaneously

2.The decorative board is raised, the sides are curved, the paper platform guardrail is raised

3.Two sets of honeycomb gluing mechanisms with different cell sizes (the cell size is determined by the user) 4.5mm and 6mm paper glued simultaneously

4.The upper blade rest is made of steel castings, and the blade is made of high-speed steel which imported from Japan, with a hardness of HR 63 degrees. The lower blade rest is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and high in strength.

5.The cutting speed normally starts at 700 cuts/min, the design speed is 720 cuts/min


●Packaging Details: Film+ honeycomb board packing.

●Delivery Detail: Shipped in 30 days after payment.


√ One year guarantee for whole machine, all life follow-up service.

√ 24 hours technical support by email.

√ Technicians oversea set-up and workers training.

√ Use- friendly English for operation system.


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