120G High speed paper edge protector line




120G High speed paper edge protector line

G series paper edge protector line SANPPL-120G is for L profile paper edge protector production.Through changing tools,it can produce U profile protector and flat board.

Product Details




V protector size (mm)

25-120 (can be symmetrical and asymmetrical)

Thickness (mm)


Applicable inner paper

360-600g/m2 bobbin fiber paper,fluting paper or corrugating medium paper

Applicable surface paper

175-250gsm kraft paper

Core diameter of paper roll

3”(76mm) ( 4”or other size must be confirmed when making order)

Max. quantity of Layer


Max. speed

50m/min for length not smaller than 800mm.


Paper corner protectors are an essential packing and shipping accessory for businesses that want to ensure their products arrive at their destinations in perfect condition. 

The benefits of using paper corner protectors are numerous. First and foremost, they help to prevent damage during shipping. When packages are stacked or shifted during transportation, corners are often the first part of the box to get bumped or crushed. By adding paper corner protectors, the corners are reinforced, reducing the risk of damage to the contents inside.

Paper corner protectors are also an eco-friendly solution. Unlike other packing materials, paper corner protectors are recyclable and biodegradable. This means that a business can protect their products without harming the environment.

Overall, paper corner protectors are an essential packing accessory for any business that wants to protect their products during shipping while also saving money and contributing to a sustainable environment.


1.Suspended paper stand with buffering effect, replace the paper rolls with hoist, no need to stop the machine.

2.Automatic controller for glue temperature ensures the good quality and high speed even in low temperature.

3.Heating system for production line, makes the protectors stronger.

4.Forming wheels adopt box-type suspended structure, easy to change molds.

5.Touch screen and human-machine interface of servo system, the operation is more humanized; the operation of adjust air cylinder is more convenient.

6.Automatic alarm, malfunction prompt, easy to adjust and maintain.

7.Hydraulic cutting system, maximum frequency is 90 times/minute.

8.Automatic stacking system with counter, no need manual counting.

9.Through changing molds, it can produce U profile protector and flat board.


●Packaging Details: Film+ honeycomb board packing.

●Delivery Detail: Shipped in 30 days after payment.


√ One year guarantee for whole machine, all life follow-up service.

√ 24 hours technical support by email.

√ Technicians oversea set-up and workers training.

√ Use- friendly English for operation system.


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